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When women are expected to show more emotion | The Newsreader | ABC TV + iview

Helen (Anna Torv) is reprimanded by her boss (Daniel Gillies) for not displaying enough emotion whilst reporting the news. #TheNewsreader. Subscribe now: http://ab.co/subscribe ___________________________________________ A year on from the events of series one, we meet Helen and Dale, now established as ‘The Golden Couple of News’. To the outside world, they present a glowing image of success and romance... but the truth is more complex. As 1987 rolls along, global stocks will soar and crash, Australia will prepare to celebrate its Bicentennial year, and Helen and Dale grapple with who they really want to be in life - and whether that path can be together... The highly-anticipated, second season of ABC’s six-part, multi-award winning drama is coming back. Also, in a move that embraces Australia’s love of news and podcasts, Leigh Sales and Lisa Millar will host a companion podcast available on the ABC listen app. Stream

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